Government Programs

Often the blind and visually impaired have trouble keeping a job, and that makes it tough to make ends meet. That’s why the government has programs meant to help blind people who need extra income. The Social Security Disability Insurance Program is available for people who used to have a job. Those who did not […]

Raising Money

Interested in helping the blind? Here are a few tips for getting a fundraising campaign started: ● Have a plan, and a basic idea of how much you are likely to get and what expenses you are going to have. ● Send out mailings to donors and potential donors. ● Share success stories of people […]

Donate a New Car?

So you have a fairly new SUV, and you really liked it until you found out that SUVs are among the cars most likely to be involved in accidents. Now it’s just making you nervous. You really don’t want to crash your car, but you don’t know what to do about it. After all, you […]

What Can I Do With My Car?

You’ve probably heard about it on the radio, or in a commercial on television. Maybe you’ve seen a billboard or two. They all say you should donate a car to support a charity. Well, you’ve seen or heard it, but have you ever paid any attention? Or has the message gone in one ear and […]

Maximize the Value of Your Donation:

If you want your donated car to do the most it can for your chosen charity, you’ll want to make sure it earns the charity as much money as possible. How can you ensure that? By making sure the car is in good condition, so that the charity can sell it for a good price […]

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