Braille Opens Doors For Blind, Visually Impaired

Braille is the language used by people who are blind or who are visually impaired. In some instances these people have been this way from birth. Others may have lost their sight over time. Braille allows these individuals to read books, periodicals, and various other things. Street markings, elevators, and even computer keyboards can be […]

Rare Pediatric Eye Disease Requires Early Detection to Prevent Blindness

Pay close attention to your toddlers’ sight because a rare disease called Pediatric Uveitis can destroy it under your own eyes. It affects around 115,000 kids in the United States, with 2,250 new cases being diagnosed a year. Dr. David Chu, a specialist in the disease and associate professor of Ophthalmology at New Jersey Medical […]

The Importance Of Charities

Charities are a very important part of our society. These organizations work to assist many people in our communities. Even those around the world benefit from the work that charities do. Picking a charity to donate to is not a haphazard assignment. There are many different charities to choose from. Each does something unique and […]

Help prevent blindness

Have you been experiencing vision problems? Don’t just ignore them. See an eye doctor and find out immediately what the problem is. Don’t let it get any worse. And even if you haven’t had any problems, regular visits to the eye doctor are still extremely important. Prevent blindness by taking action. Here’s another action you […]

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